Our Church History

Through a series of unique providentially appointed circumstances, Kirkwood Church was founded officially in November of 2006. Our church was born out of a merger of two small young churches, Grace Vietnamese Church and Agape Evangelical Church.

At the beginning of 2006, Grace Vietnamese Church was started by several young members (Thanh Nien) who felt God’s leading to found a new church, not just for themselves, but one that would proactively reach out to members of the community in a contemporarily relevant manner with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There were approximantely 40 members. At first, all the members had was faith. But God opened doors for these members, and through the generousity of a local Hispanic congregation (PIBA) and Amercian congregation (First Baptist Church Alief), members of GVC were able to start holding Sunday worship services at FBCA. It took countless hours at first, but these young men and women sacrificed their time and contributed their own finances to renovate an unused wing of the facility into a suitable place of worship. GVC fervantly began holding services and Bible studies each Sunday. There was no pastor at this time, and Pastor Antonio Gamiochipi as well Pastor Elliot (pastors of FIBA) helped GVC by teaching and preaching. The members also invited other guest pastors to speak, including Pastor David Tan Mai and Pastor Ngoc Kim Tran.

At about the same time period, Pastor Mai had recently started a new church named Agape Evangelical Church in February 2006. This church, which started with less than a handful of dedicated believers, had grown to approximately 50 or so members. As the name implies, members were committed and fervant about sharing the Good News with the unchurched. Pastor Jeff Nguyen was also serving at AEC during this time as a co-pastor.

As Pastor Mai visited GVC to teach and preach, God impressed upon the hearts of GVC leaders and members (who were in the process of looking for a pastor) as well as that of Pastor Mai that the two young churches should pray about the possiblity of merging into one church. GVC leaders and Pastor Mai agreed that both churches would take time to pray about this decision. The leaders of the met soon after met and the churches decided to come together as one church only a few weeks later!

The new church, utilizing the strengths of each of the smaller churches from which they came, was given the name of “Kirkwood Church” (named to indicate the location of the church in the community). Kirkwood Church stands as a testament to the unity that comes out of a shared vision to reach the lost, a committment to His Body the Church, and a desire to glorify our God.

Almost 7 years later, by the grace of God and with unanimous agreement of its members, Kirkwood Church was able to purchase our own facility in July 2013, no more than 2 miles from our previous location.

Kirkwood Church is a conservative protestant Vietnamese-American church, affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.

We invite you to come visit us.

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